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Our Theology is Like a Map

In Spring/Summer 2019, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

The spring semester of 2019 is complete. We’ve closed the book on the last official semester of Dordt College. On May 10 more than 350 new kingdom citizens graduated. They’ve fanned out from Sioux Center to the ends of the earth, eager to work effectively for Christ-centered renewal.   The 2018-19 academic year was also the year we celebrated the …

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Two, Three, Four or More

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2018 by Erik Hoekstra

In December, I signed nearly 50 diplomas. It is one of the great joys in my role as president.  As I did so, I thought about meeting some of these students when they were freshmen and watching them grow and develop during their years here. It gives me joy to watch them launch into service in Christ’s kingdom. The stack …

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#1 in Student Engagement

In Fall 2017, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

ENGAGEMENT HAS ME OVERSHARING, AND I CAN’T HELP IT I’m not a grandparent yet, but I hope to be someday. And, I’ve noticed something about grandparents. They all seem to realize that showing pictures and telling stories borders on annoying, but they just can’t help themselves. I feel the same right now. So, I’m behaving like a proud grandpa and …

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What’s in a Name

In Spring/Summer 2017, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

In November 1618 in the Netherlands, a group of theologians gathered in the small town of Dordrecht for a church meeting. It lasted nine months. Dordrecht—Dordt for short—is the reason Dordt College received its unusual name. Since Dordt’s theological roots are linked to that city and that synod, we’ve started conversations with Dordrecht city and church officials to celebrate and …

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Tyranny of the “OR”

In Winter/Spring 2017, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

I was asked recently by the parent of a prospective student whether Dordt College was remaining true to its Reformed distinctives or watering that perspective down to appeal to a broader audience. As president, that’s a question I enjoy responding to. I’ve been a student of both Jim Collins and Roger Martin for many years. Neither are explicitly Reformed thinkers—but …

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Multiplication of the First 35

In Fall 2016, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

This fall, we’ve been hosting “Defender Nation” gatherings across North America. At these events we offered updates on the state of the college and encouraged financial support for the completion of our Science and Technology Center project. At two of these gatherings, I met Juna (Kosters) Hoekman and Donna (Rietema) Van Zanten, two of 35 students from the 1955 inaugural …

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Are We a Liberal Arts College?

In Spring/Summer 2016, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

“Liberal Arts” is a term many of us use almost instinctively.  We’ve grown up with it, and we sometimes assume that everyone uses it the way we do. I probably hear “liberal arts” seven or eight times a week—from prospective students, current parents, or alumni. I don’t always interrupt and correct them, but at Dordt College we think of and …

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Standing on the Rock

In Winter/Spring 2016, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit recent Dordt College graduate Chris Bylsma, an agricultural educator at Ebenezer College in Mozambique. Ebenezer is the educational arm of Communities of Fusion Mozambique—a unique group of companies, schools, and churches seeking to drive vibrant, Christ-centered community development in that part of Africa. As we stood together on a rock overlooking the …

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A Pleasant Place

In Fall 2015, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

The summer of 2015 brought hundreds of visitors to Dordt College.  Within four weeks, the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church, Dordt Discovery Days, and a new faith-development camp program called “Never The Same” gathered on campus. Many commented that Dordt College is a wonderful campus in a wonderful town. Many first-time visitors to …