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Booming in Ag

In Alumni, Fall 2020, Issue by Bethany Van Voorst

Dr. Chris Boomsma serves as the director of education at the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America—or the “Tri-Societies.” “In my current role, I lead a team tasked with taking the work performed by agronomy, crop, and soil scientists and effectively and innovatively delivering it to in-field practitioners and leaders so …

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The Reluctant Politician

In Alumni, Fall 2020, Issue by James Schaap

The mayor’s office, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is not at all palatial. It’s in the southwest corner of an ordinary yellow-brick building, downtown. True, you don’t just walk in; there’s an official-looking character at the door to admit you after you state your purpose; but once inside, if you were expecting “swanky” or “splurgy,” don’t. However, the place has the …

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Farmer Joe the Illustrator

In Alumni, Issue, Spring/Summer 2020 by James Schaap

If he didn’t know the unique hazards of that particular day on the farm calendar, he should have. It was the day of sorting cattle, and any farm kid should know that the worst days of the year to screw up are those days. But screw up he did. Big time. He drove the pickup smack into the side of …

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Visser Helps People Overcome, Learn, and Make Changes

In Alumni, Issue, Spring/Summer 2020 by Bethany Van Voorst

Looking back, Dr. Stanton Visser (’70) can see how God orchestrated moments in his life that prepared him for each new step or hurdle he tackled. Visser spent more than 35 years working as a counselor at Creative Living, a Christian counseling center in Rock Valley, Iowa, that he and two friends started as a part-time endeavor back in 1978. …

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Du Mez Brings Energy to Engineering

In Alumni, Issue, Spring/Summer 2020 by Lydia Marcus

“I have always been interested in how things worked,” says Kate Du Mez (’10). As a child, Du Mez spent her free time building or fixing things; in school she particularly enjoyed her math and physics classes. “When I was preparing for college, engineering seemed like it could be a good fit with how my brain works.” Deciding on a …

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Alex Vasquez Brings Young Life to Sioux County

In Alumni, Issue, Winter/Spring 2020 by Sarah Moss

Alex Vasquez (’18) first heard about Young Life, a para-church organization, when he was a senior in high school in Dallas, Texas. At the time, he felt that he’d achieved everything he’d ever wanted—he had great grades, a girlfriend, football success, and popularity. So, when, according to Vasquez, a “super corny and weird” guy approached him about attending Young Life’s …

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The Life and Times of Leonard Gooz

In Alumni, Issue, Winter/Spring 2020 by Sarah Moss

“Every experience in life influences you,” says Leonard Gooz (‘02). “Your family, your community, the friends you surround yourself with.” Gooz can point to many experiences over the years that have led him to his current position as vice president for customer experience and innovation at Hilton, where he works with brands like DoubleTree and Embassy Suites. His life today …

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Bringing “What’s Out There” Home

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by James Schaap

Whenever Dr. Lee De Haan (’95) and The Land Institute (TLI) score major publicity for Kernza, the perennial grain they’ve been developing, De Haan’s phone rings. People want to know what he’s up to because they find Kernza as biologically fascinating as it is environmentally blessed. When he graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2001, De Haan came on …

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Monique Lieuwen (’10)

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by Kate Henreckson

Monique Lieuwen (’10) came to Dordt in 2006, from Lethbridge, Alberta. “I really wanted to go to a Christian university, and I wanted to go away from home and have my own adventure,” says Lieuwen, whose mother and several cousins attended Dordt. “I’ve just always known about Dordt—it was the only place I considered and the only place I applied …

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Michelle Adams (’03)

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by Lydia Marcus

“Honestly, I don’t view myself as ‘distinguished’ or different than anyone else who is doing what they were called to after college, so it was hard for me to accept this award,” says Michelle Adams (’03), the recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award. Adams has served the disability community in Nicaragua since she graduated from Dordt with a special …