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Bringing “What’s Out There” Home

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by James Schaap

Whenever Dr. Lee De Haan (’95) and The Land Institute (TLI) score major publicity for Kernza, the perennial grain they’ve been developing, De Haan’s phone rings. People want to know what he’s up to because they find Kernza as biologically fascinating as it is environmentally blessed. When he graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2001, De Haan came on …

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Monique Lieuwen (’10)

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by Kate Henreckson

Monique Lieuwen (’10) came to Dordt in 2006, from Lethbridge, Alberta. “I really wanted to go to a Christian university, and I wanted to go away from home and have my own adventure,” says Lieuwen, whose mother and several cousins attended Dordt. “I’ve just always known about Dordt—it was the only place I considered and the only place I applied …

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Michelle Adams (’03)

In Alumni, Fall 2019, Issue by Lydia Marcus

“Honestly, I don’t view myself as ‘distinguished’ or different than anyone else who is doing what they were called to after college, so it was hard for me to accept this award,” says Michelle Adams (’03), the recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award. Adams has served the disability community in Nicaragua since she graduated from Dordt with a special …

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A Downtown Ministry in Sioux Falls

In Alumni, Spring/Summer 2019 by James Schaap

Once upon a time, the place was a school for hairstylists, strangely enough. Dozens—well, hundreds—of students, most of them young women, came in to learn to cut and trim and set, then graduated and went back out to make the world a prettier place. When Stewart School of Hairstyling moved away from its downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, location, they …

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A Step of Faith to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

In Alumni, Spring/Summer 2019 by Sarah Moss

In January of 2013, President Erik Hoekstra visited Grace Christian Reformed Church in Burke, Virginia. A small group of Dordt graduates who lived in the Washington, D.C., area had gathered to hear Hoekstra share his vision for what Dordt might become. At the end of the talk, Ken Verbrugge (’69), a program manager at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab …

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The Vision of Mary Medema Wilmeth

In Alumni, Spring/Summer 2019 by James Schaap

It was 1965, a time in her life, she says, for a major decision. For a girl born and reared in Grand Rapids, even thinking about coming to Dordt College—and where was that again? in Iowa?—was more than passing strange. But there were reasons that maybe, rather than Calvin College (she grew up in Calvin’s backyard), she’d hike out to …

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Breadbasket to the Bronx

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2019 by Lydia Marcus

Adam Vander Stoep’s home community in Lyon County, Iowa, is different from New York City in most every regard, but Vander Stoep (’15) feels prepared for his new job as an assistant district attorney in the Bronx. Like many born-and-bred residents of Northwest Iowa, Vander Stoep graduated from Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa, in 2011 before enrolling at …

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The Kibbutz

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2019 by James Schaap

“The scariest part was cooking,” or so Clarence Witten (’78) remembers. “I’d never cooked a meal in my life, probably didn’t even boil an egg, and suddenly there were nine hungry guys coming to the table expecting to be well-fed.” In housing almost unknown to Dordt College students today, for years scores of their predecessors lived off-campus, many in sometimes …

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Chuck De Groat

In Alumni, Fall 2018 by Lydia Marcus

The 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award Dr. Chuck DeGroat (’92) began his college career studying aeronautics at Dowling College on Long Island. But, after a year and a half, he realized that his vision and his mathematical abilities would prevent him from becoming a pilot. “My pastor at the time was a graduate of Dordt,” says DeGroat, “and …

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Emily Hageman

In Alumni, Spring/Summer 2018 by James Schaap

CRITIC’S CHOICE Emily Hageman is exactly what Dordt College wanted, way back when. Ordinary folks from a region called Siouxland understood the time had come to build an institution of higher education right here on the continent’s most fertile ground.They were thinking about hundreds of Christian school teachers needed for the crowd of “covenant children” soon to be school age, …