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#1 in Student Engagement

In Fall 2017, With the President by Erik Hoekstra

I’m not a grandparent yet, but I hope to be someday. And, I’ve noticed something about grandparents. They all seem to realize that showing pictures and telling stories borders on annoying, but they just can’t help themselves. I feel the same right now. So, I’m behaving like a proud grandpa and announcing that, for the second year in a row, …

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Luke Seerveld, Gaffer

In Alumni, Fall 2017 by Sally Jongsma

LUKE SEERVELD (’85) SAYS HE’S USUALLY THE “OLD GUY” ON THE SET THESE DAYS-BUT PRODUCERS KEEP ASKING FOR HIS SERVICES. Thirty years as a gaffer and the wealth of expertise he’s gained keep him busy lighting film and video shoots in and around Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. In fact, people around the world have benefitted from …

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Here Goes Nothing

In Alumni, Fall 2017 by Lydia Marcus

KENDRA BROEKHUIS Kendra (Potgeter) Broekhuis (’11) “embodies what it means to be hospitably reformed, and she does so in a way that is open and honest,” says Brandon Huisman, Dordt’s Director of Alumni Relations. Broekhuis is the first Dordt alumna to be given the Alumni Association’s Horizon Award. “The most significant things I learned at Dordt were not facts or …

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Boeing Lifer: Mike Vander Wel

In Alumni, Fall 2017 by Sarah Moss

“If, back when I was in high school, I had to write a script for my life, I would’ve said that after Dordt I’d be an engineer somewhere in the Midwest, maybe involved in agriculture since I was a farm kid,” says Mike Vander Wel (’89). “I never would have written back in high school that I’d be living in …

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Competing Narratives

In Fall 2017, Features by Aleisa Dornbierer-Schat

DORDT STUDENTS ENCOUNTER THE LAND OF ISRAEL It’s 10 a.m. in Bethlehem. The air is hazy from heat and dust. Palestinian boys on bicycles skid to a stop in the middle of a narrow street, tilting their heads. In front of them a large group of Americans walks by in baseball caps and shorts, their hands grasping water bottles. The …

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Mind, Body, and Soul

In Fall 2017, Features by Kate Henreckson

NEUROPSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH THE FORCE-PLATE TEST The old racquetball court has been transformed. Motion-sensor cameras line the perimeter of the ceiling, their circuits winding across the floor. An EMG is hooked up in a corner. Lexi Eekhoff, a Dordt junior, sits cross-legged on the floor. In front of her is a large metal rectangle with a paper taped to …

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The Science of Paying Attention

In Fall 2017, Features by Sarah Moss

LOOKING UP IN DR. CHANNON VISSCHER’S ASTRONOMY CLASS To see this summer’s solar eclipse, Dordt senior Ashley Huizinga drove through the night from her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Dordt’s campus on Monday, August 21. She picked up some Dordt friends and continued on toward York, Nebraska, a town in the path of totality. On the interstate heading into …

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In Fall 2017, News by Lydia Marcus

AN UNASSUMING TECHNOLOGY WITH A BIG IMPACT The two-by-six-inch folded origami-like paper lying on Professor Jeff Ploegstra’s desk does not look like it belongs in a lab. And it doesn’t.  It is a Foldscope, and it belongs out in the world. A Foldscope is a microscope that can magnify objects by up to 140% and slip easily into a student’s …

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Cadaver Lab

In Fall 2017, News by Sarah Moss

PROVIDES NEW OPPORTUNITIES For five days under Jelsma’s direction, the students spent eight hours per day dissecting a male and a female body as part of a weeklong intensive cadaver course. “At the end of the first day on Monday, we were exhausted,” says Jelsma. “The work is quite detailed, and you realize that this is a human being, which …

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“One Book”

In Fall 2017, News by Lauren Kleyer

BRINGS DORDT AND SIOUX COUNTY TOGETHER The Hulst Library at Dordt College has joined ten public and academic Sioux County libraries in a reading program called “One Book, One Sioux County.” “The point of the community reading program is for students to dialogue with people they may not have conversed with otherwise,” says Jennifer Breems, director of library services at …