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Two, Three, Four, or More

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2018 by Erik Hoekstra

In December, I signed nearly 50 diplomas. It is one of the great joys in my role as president.  As I did so, I thought about meeting some of these students when they were freshmen and watching them grow and develop during their years here. It gives me joy to watch them launch into service in Christ’s kingdom. The stack …

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Merissa Harkema

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2018 by Sarah Moss

AGENT OF RESTORATION IN A BROKEN WORLD Merissa Harkema (’13) is a planner. Even before she attended Dordt and majored in psychology and exercise science, she knew that she wanted to work in occupational therapy. She ended up at Washington University in St. Louis for graduate school; from there, she set her sights on using her skills to help others. …

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Staying Upbeat on the Beat

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2018 by Kate Henreckson

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra (’01) grew up in Kanawha, Iowa—a tiny pocket of people in northern Iowa. Her parents and uncles all went to Dordt, so she decided to as well. “It was a family thing,” says Zylstra. “And I loved it.” Zylstra majored in English and communication. Back then, students interested in journalism majored in either English or communication and …

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Anywhere but There

In Alumni, Winter/Spring 2018 by James Schaap

“No. Not interested. I’m going to Calvin.” Mitch Menning (‘96) grew up in Edgerton, Minnesota and went to Southwest Christian High School, where, he says, 18 of the 42 graduating seniors—his classmates—drove south down Highway 75 to Sioux Center and Dordt College. He wanted no part of the herd—wanted almost anything else. That’s why he went to Michigan, to Calvin …

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Giving Voice to the Voiceless

In Features, Winter/Spring 2018 by Kate Henreckson

DORDT JOURNALISM MAJORS LEARN TO SEE THE WORLD AS THEIR WORKPLACE Lee Pitts sits at his desk, preparing for class. His office walls are lined with newspaper clippings, and the headlines jump off the page: “No Soft-Shell Vehicles,” “No More ‘Hillbilly Armor,” “It’s Real Now, Boys.” On a bookshelf stands war memorabilia and a framed photo: two heavily-armed soldiers walking …

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The New Amor

In Features, Winter/Spring 2018 by Sarah Moss

As six Americans from Dordt College and a translator walk into her one-room schoolhouse in Cambodia, Soksa Mon smiles and keeps singing. She curves her hands and feet in traditional Cambodian dance style and nods to her kindergarten students to follow along.  A few sing loudly with outstretched arms; the others stand still or run to their mothers who sit …

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Bringing Life to History

In Features, Winter/Spring 2018 by Kate Henreckson

There’s a buzz as Dr. Scott Culpepper’s Latin America class begins. Students talk excitedly as they snatch name badges from a table. “Did you hear what happened? The president was assassinated between classes!” In the back of the room, two students whisper shadily together. Asked what they’re talking about, one responds in a hushed tone, “I’m going to take over …

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Defender Football

In News, Winter/Spring 2018 by Justin Banks

MORE THAN A GAME Dordt’s football team under Coach Joel Penner had its best year in team history, but its impact has extended far beyond the field’s boundary markers and goal posts. Rod De Boer, a Dordt football fan since the team began in 2007, has watched the program grow through several winless seasons to last year’s 5-5 record-breaking year.   While …

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XC Through the Dordt Prairie

In News, Winter/Spring 2018 by Danny Mooers

Success has been a long-time attribute of both the men’s and women’s cross-country teams at Dordt; this past fall was no exception. Dordt hosted two cross-country events this year: the Defender Holiday Inn Express Classic in early September and the GPAC Championships in early November. The women’s team won both of those meets, and the men placed fourth and third, …

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Off-Campus in Paraguay

In News, Winter/Spring 2018 by demo

ROSKAMP CREATES HIS OWN OFF-CAMPUS OPPORTUNITY What do you do if you are a Dordt College agriculture major itching to get some international field experience, but Dordt doesn’t offer an ag-specific off-campus program? You design your own, of course. Senior Sam Roskamp worked with his academic adviser, Dordt’s global education office, his parents, and local contacts to arrange a semester …